Bridge crane with tongs120t

Bridge crane with tongs 120t

Bridge crane100/20t

Bridge crane with magnets 70t





RGP crane

Gantry (greifer) crane

  Gantry crane

Floating crane

Crane production in Gosa Fom has a long tradition. First cranes  are manufactured on 1930. in company by the name of JASENICA A.D. established on 1923.

Today GOŠA FOM a.d. design, manufacture and deliver the following types of cranes:



Are made :

• with one beam

• with two beams

• with 4 beams and 2 trolleys – suspended



Bearing elements:

• different type of hooks

• magnets

• grabs

• traverses



Type of bridge cranes:


• bridge cranes of general purpose of different type of spans and lifting heights, capacity of 1÷ 500 t – special bridge cranes for metallurgy

• four beams ladle charging cranes with two trolleys

• four beams ladle charging cranes with two trolleys for handling of pots with metal

• cranes with tongs for slab handling with and without slewing trolley

• two beams ladle charging crane with slewing trolley for handling of slag pots

• cranes with tongs with and without traverse




general purpose cranes of different type of spans capacity to 500t

 – for assembly and overhaul of gates and turbines on hydropower stations

• for test assembly and overhaul

• grab reloader

       - with grab for agglomerate, ore, lime

       - with grab for coking coal

       - with grab for other metal materials

       - with magnet

• port gantry cranes with grab and lifting of main bridge console

• port gantry cranes with grab and changeable boom reach

• with two trolleys for shipyards



Capacity of 50 and 100t

• with boom pulling down into transport position



General purpose for overhaul of equipment on blast furnaces



• different traverse for handling of load and magnet - grab

• pulleys,

• gearboxes for lifting and traveling,

• traveling mechanisms,

• pulley tackles,

• couplings,

• wheels,

• slab tongs

Gosa FOM design, produce and deliver cranes based on technical of the Clients demands (purpose, capacity, class, operating conditions, overhaul and maintenance requirements, requirements for automatics level, spare parts).

With designing are applied international standards (ISO standards) as well as the standards and regulations of the country of the Client  (per example, for Russia ГОСТ Standards, ПБ 10-382-00, ПУЕ).

Cranes are completed with electrical components and automatics components of leading European companies which are specialized in this area of work.