W e l d i n g



- Manual arc welding with coated electrode(111)

- Inert gas shielded welding (MIG)(131)

- Active gas shielded welding (MAG)(135)

- Active gas shielded welding with flux cored wire

- TIG welding(141)

- Submerged arc welding(121)

- Anchor bolts stud welding (with no added metal)


Welding procedures development with operator qualification as per EN 719 and ISO 3834/1-4.


All the above welding operations areperformed per qualified welding procedures.

Homogenous and non-homogenous material welding

- non-alloy

- low-alloy

- micro-alloyed steel

- high-alloy (corrosion resistant)

- copper

- gray steel casting


Areas of application 

- hydro mechanical equipment

- metallurgy equipment

- pressure vessels

- civil engineering steel structures


Automatic powder welder EPP0 - "LINCOLN" procedure