GOŠA FOM a.d. quality management system is certified for compliance with ISO 9000:2015 quality standards and is reviewed on a regular basis to enhance effectiveness and ensure alignment with the best quality standards.

To meet and even exceed customer expectations, quality and continuous improvement of services in line with the best industry practices and standard are priorities at GOŠA FOM a.d.

Preventing accidents, injuries to health and impairment to the environment all our employees responsibly perform their daily tasks and environmental protection measures. The impact of current and future processes and the related process equipment on health, safety and environment is monitored, evaluated and documented fulfilling relevant regulations. The best available technologies are implemented.

Concrete aspects that passing through permanent audit within management system are:

-    delivery of products and services of standard quality;

-    improvement of organization image;

-    increase of  productivity, business results and solvency;

-    increase of employers motivation;

-    decrease of business risk;

-    increase of client satisfaction;

-    improvement of management system;